Initial Training

  • We provide comprehensive training for all our software products in a well equipped modern training room. Each training session is usually dedicated to an individual client and we have found that groups of up to four trainees at a time works best.
  • Training is based upon simulation, repetition and practice in dealing with everyday situations. Lunch is provided and it gives the team a chance to meet the customers and vice-versa.
  • We try to avoid training on-site wherever possible, in our experience on-site training is rarely efficient due to interruptions. If absolutely necessary we will provide on site training if, for special reasons, the client cannot come to us.
  • We always attend the first sale for a new customer and training for that initial sale is done at the customer premises.
  • So new customers get four days training – two day with us in Andover and two days on site.


  • Re-training is an essential part of our work. In the real world, customers employing new staff members tend not to call on us to provide training, that task falls on existing staff.
  • When they do appear for training the result is often of amazement and much repeated “I didn’t know it could do that!”
  • We offer re-training on a very flexible basis for a fee of just £50 per delegate (minimum fee £100 per day).
  • If you need to stay when you visit, please click here for a list of suggested hotels/B&Bs.

   Website Design & Support

Website Design

  • An important part of our work is the design, development and support of websites for auctioneers. We understand auction houses and how they work. We understand what auctioneers, buyers and vendors want from each site.
  • Auction websites should be easy to comprehend, easy to operate and easy to look at. They should get straight to the point with a minimum of obvious technology.
  • Each site should have a powerful but easy to use internet catalogue view, print and search facilities and have on line commission bidding and condition report request buttons.
  • Our websites are currently developed using Microsoft Visual Studio tools. We take all legal steps to ensure so far as is possible that each website attracts the attention of Google and other search engines. We make use of Google Analytics so each site has a usage history. We take special precautions to make sure that ‘Spam Bots’ cannot collect information from the site.
  • We have already provided websites for over 60 firms of fine art and machinery auctioneers, some examples include:

Website Support

  • For clients who do not want to maintain their websites in house we offer an ad-hoc website support service. We change for work done on the basis of 5 minute time slots. Requests for website changes are handled chronologically and are usually completed the same day
  • We also offer the service for a fixed monthly fee – please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Website Hosting

  • We do not host websites ourselves but we can arrange hosting or are happy to use the current host. All websites need to be PHP5 enabled and may need MySQL database facilities dependent upon the website specification. Website hosting and domain renewal fees are paid by the client direct to the hosting company.

   Support & Remote Assistance

Technical Support

  • We provide the best possible technical support. We only have one support standard and that is ‘Exceptional’. Customers can just pick up the telephone and talk right away to specialists who know our systems backwards
  • We do not operate any kind of ‘ticketing’ support system – these are often just rationing in disguise. We do not use programmers for front-line support – we have specialist staff whose role it is to create relationships with customers and understand and help with their specific problems.
  • Support for live auctions is free in the first twelve months and provided thereafter via a software maintenance agreement, renewed annually. Our charges for support are highly competitive and include, as standard, product upgrades at no additional charge. Upgrade are provided annually or more frequently if needed. All clients, therefore, are always using the latest version of our software.

Remote Assistance & Security

  • Our products are as reliable as we can make them and that means reliable. We have taken special care to ensure as far as is possible that there is no data loss during power failures at live events. Our products have in-built data repair mechanisms should a client have data loss related to computer or networking issues. We can also repair data files remotely and get clients working again with the minimum of delay.
  • Of course, the availability of this service does not absolve the client from protecting and copying their data each day onto the appropriate backup media. Nor does it absolve the client from protecting their computer system from viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious software or practices.
  • We can give comprehensive advice on all security matters and have produced a guide called “Keeping Your Computer Safe” which is available to clients on request.

   The CatMaker Website

  • The CatMaker website provides a catalogue listing service for auction houses. Most catalogues on view have been generated automatically using our revolutionary CatMaker Software (see ‘Live Auctions for further details on catalogues produced by our CatMaker software).
  • The site advertises auctions up to two months ahead and indicates when each catalogue has gone on line. A link lets the user transfer directly to the chosen catalogue site.
  • The site is free for users and there is no registration.
  • Any auction house can have 12 months worth of listings for £120 per annum. Auctioneers using CatMaker get their listings free.
  • The simplicity of the site has attracted positive reviews from around the world. It began operating in May 2001 and has thousands of regular users.
  • The site is listed on the first page of any Google search for ‘auction catalogues’ or ‘auction catalogs’.
  • The CatMaker website can be found by clicking the link below:

Please contact us for a no obligation online demonstration.