Pacts Software for Online Auctions

   User Platforms

  • All modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox
  • Personal computers running Windows operating systems
  • Personal computers running Apple operating systems
  • iPhone with Safari browser
  • iPad with Safari browser
  • Tablets and mobile phones running on Google Android with Chrome browser


   Website Features

  • Login/Logout
  • Bidder Registration, Registration Edit, Registration Reminder
  • My Interests / My Interests Match
  • My Account. Includes on line invoices and optional card payment platform via full integration with WorldPay
  • Past Sales, Home, About, Contact and Help



  • State of the art imagery with thumbnail images at 200 x 150 pixels, thumbnails zoom to 300 x 300 pixels, full size images at 2048 x 1536 pixels and automatic slideshow of multiple images



  • Shows lot number, reserve met (or not), starting bid (or not), summary lot description, thumbnail image at 200 x 150 pixels, total number of bids, best bidder and bid to date
  • Watch + and Watch – buttons


   Bidding Systems

  • Reserve, Starting Bid, Minimum Bid
  • Default or Custom bid increment table per sale
  • Manual bidding
  • Auto bidding (incremental bid, automatic bid)
  • ‘Buy Now’
  • Lots with auto bids higher than the reserve uplifted to reserve at sale scheduled completion date and time


   Full Lot Details

  • Dynamic zoom thumbnail image, full sized image at 2048 x 1536 pixels and slideshow
  • Up to ten images plus one video clip for each lot
  • Full description
  • Full condition report or notes
  • Reserve met
  • Estimate
  • VAT – EU Auctioneers’ Margin Scheme
  • VAT – Normal VAT rules
  • Buyers Premium
  • Artist’s Resale Right charges
  • Delivery charges
  • Sale currency, best bid available in 19 different currencies. The site has an automatic daily currency feed
  • Bid History – Bid time, bidder number, bid type and bid value for the last 10 bids



  • Website has a security certificate. All critical functions run under https://
  • All web pages are delivered or sent to the Server via 64 bid encryption technology



  • Scalable to whatever level of demand required. Any number of on line simultaneous sales

   Website Design

  • Provides an entire on line auction website to match the look of your current website
  • Two or three column home page layout
  • Up to twelve sale category menu choices or no menu where there is only ever a single sale
  • Sale category menu titles changeable on demand by client
  • Custom design of your home page header and footer using CSS to achieve desired look. Custom HEAD, META, TITLE tag content
  • Left, center and right panel content, including titles, uploadable by client
  • Slideshow either 300 or 600 pixels wide. Images and captions uploadable by client



  • Multiple auctioneers allows creation of multi-shop portal
  • Any number of on line sales in each category
  • Any number of lots in each sale, including those containing only a single lot
  • Quick search including ‘Add to My Lots’
  • My Lots including ‘Watch List’
  • Auto-refresh for My Lots every 10, 30 or 60 seconds
  • Automatic refresh on return to catalogue pages
  • Refresh Page Now button on each catalogue page
  • Colour coded best bids (as eBay)
  • Printable illustrated catalogue
  • Text only catalogue
  • PDF catalogue including flip-page
  • Sale index with up to 16 item categories within a chosen sale
  • Click on item category to go straight to the start of that category
  • 30,50 or 100 lots per page
  • First, last, next, previous page content


   My Lots

    • Lots bid on or being watched by the logged in user are automatically included in their My Lots page
    • Lots using auto-bidding show the current maximum auto-bid for the logged in user
    • Colour coded best bid values
    • Lots using auto-bidding that have lapsed are indicated as ‘Lapsed Auto’
    • Lots using manual bids are automatically included in the logged in users My Lots page
    • ‘Watched’ lots automatically cancelled if they have been bid on by the logged in user


   Sale Creation

  • Uses Pacts’ Windows software to create on line sales as efficiently as possible


   Sale End

Once the sale passes its due end time:

  • Bidding extended by ten minutes for any lot that has received a bid in the last ten minutes
  • Lots individually set to ‘Ended’ should there be no bids in the prior ten minutes
  • Bidding continues until no lots have had a bid in the last ten minutes allowing the sale to complete
  • ‘Hide Ended Lots’ button shows only those lots still biddable at sale end time
  • ‘Reveal Ended Lots’ button
  • Results downloaded to Pacts’ Windows software so that invoices can be emailed or posted to buyers
  • If on line payment platform is in use then only paid invoice details are downloaded to Pacts’ Windows software


   Anti-hacking Features

  • Runs on Apache/Linux platform rather than Microsoft’s IIS
  • Registration procedure verifies user email address
  • Registration procedure verifies user postal address
  • Website has few ‘fixed’ pages – the content is generated dynamically on demand. No fixed pages means hacking opportunities are greatly reduced
  • Fixed IP address required for website administrator

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