Mailing and Contact Management

Mailing allows you to keep your customers informed about forthcoming sales and events to to control catalogue subscriptions. It communicates via email, standard letters, mail-merge (custom letters) or printed labels.

Mailing allows the interests of registrees to be based upon any number of in-built categories or up to ten phrases or words lists. Automatically informs each registrant which lot(s) match their interests in the forthcoming sale – implementing your own lot alert service.

Key Features

  • Auction catalogue subscription management
  • Saleroom newsletters by post or email (.pdf)
  • Lot alerts by category
  • Lot alerts by phrase
  • Auction catalogue mailing
  • General mailing
  • Mailing with email attachment of choice
  • Mailing based on last mailed date
  • Mailing based on last bought sale
  • Integration with master buyer database
  • Import/Export mailing lists from/to other sources
  • Mailing list management

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