Internet Live Bidding


Integrates with any Internet Live Bidding Platform

Pacts’ auction management software can be used with a wide range of internet live bidding platforms. Some popular ones are shown above.

Internet live bidding is used where the auctioneer is selling to an audience present in the saleroom but wants those live bidders to compete in real time with internet bidders. For each lot the auctioneer decides whether a lot had been bought by a commission bidder, a bidder present in the room, one bidding via the telephone or one bidding via the internet and then enters the hammer price and bidder number in the usual way. It is normal to have internet bidder numbers start at 5000 for example so they can be differentiated from saleroom bids. Pacts’ software automatically applied the 3% (for example) internet bidder surcharge as appropriate.

Importing Buyer Registrations

Pacts’ auction management software can import buyers registration details from a spreadsheet supplied by the live bidding system, no need to enter them manually which is a tedious process.