Historical Analysis System

The Historical Analysis module integrates with Stock or SaleLink to allow unlimited analysis of auction data over any time period. The history system records over 100 fields of information on every lot that has passed through the saleroom.

Typical Uses

  • Establish what an individual client has sold or bought over a period. Who was your best vendor? What did they sell? Who were your top ten buyers?
  • Find our what commission and other charges were realised for an individual vendor over any time period.
  • Calculate departmental commissions earned by specialists.
  • Create a detailed analysis on your data including: comparing minimum, maximum and averages prices, sold and unsold percentages, vendor commission and buyers’ premium over any time period. Produce charts showing the trends in your results.
  • Search for specific catalogue words or phrases. For example, when did you last sell a Lalique Vase above £400, to whom and for how much?
  • Build and maintain your own Art Sales Index.
  • Search for Vendors and Purchasers that live in a specific geographic area.
  • And much more ….

Choice of Database

Historical Analysis module was originally designed for use with the Microsoft Access database and comes with over a dozen in-built queries and reports. However, historical data can be imported into any database including:

OpenOffice BASE from www.openoffice.org (Free)
FileMaker Pro 14 from www.filemaker.co.uk

It can also be used with Microsoft Works and Excel although the latter does not have the querying abilities of a true database. Once way of getting started is to create a historical data spreadsheet in Excel and then drop it into OpenOffice Base or FileMaker.