Commission Bids from Website

Often used in conjunction with CatMaker internet auction catalogues, Pacts’ commission bidding software allows website users to send commission bids direct to the auctioneer. An email is sent from the website containing all requested information, copies of all emails sent regarding the bids are stored on the website and available for download by the auctioneer. In case of any dispute the stored record is available until you choose to delete it.

On line commission bidding should not be confused with live internet bidding. On line commission bidding is provided to allow users to send their bids to the auctioneers in the days, hours and minutes before selling starts. The auctioneers will always accept on line commission bids this way without charge to the bidder.

(Once selling has started, bid can of course be sent using an internet live bidding platform but a charge of 3% or more is usually then incurred).

Pacts’ Commission Bids Module

Commission bids received for live auctions from all sources are processed by Pacts’ commission bids module – if the auctioneer has a computer terminal on the rostrum then the top four commission bids will be displayed as he sells each lot. Otherwise, commission bids showing bid price or “telephone” together with the bidder number will be printed on the salebook.

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