What We Do

Auction Management Software for Live and On Line Auctions

We supply auction management software to auctioneering businesses of all kinds. Our products and services come with high quality training and unrivalled support.

We provide website design and support services for scores of auctioneers. Our CatMaker (TM) Internet catalogue production software created beautiful and easy to use catalogues for auctioneers’ own websites.

Our software supports Live auctions (with an audience in the saleroom and with or without Internet live bidding) and On Line (eBay-style or Timed) auctions.

Software for Live Auctions

Our software for live auctions has been widely acclaimed as being the easiest to learn and then use. It allows input of vendor consignment data in a highly intuitive and very efficient manner without constant clicking in multiple boxes which characterises so many other products.

It has a button-based user interface, similar to ‘Apps’ on mobile devises. It does not have endless drop-down or pop-up menus and does not require repeated ‘File-Save” activity from the user. In fact, Pacts’ software saves user data automatically as work progresses.

Our software protects users data via its own unique internal disc filing system. This ensures that data is duplicated and if disaster occurs it can be re-created at will. It also provides largely unrestricted access to shared data on large networks.

Our software works well with touch-screen PC’s and communicates with third party spreadsheets, address verification, databases, voice recognition, spell checking packages and so on.

The software is part of an integrated system which handles auctioneer’s salebooks, printed and internet catalogue production, internet live bidding import, telephone bidding, saleroom television display, buyer accounts, vendor accounts, BACS payments, staff commission calculations, historical data analysis, and much more ….

Software for On Line Auctions

Pacts On Line allows auctioneers to create and manage their own on line eBay-style auctions.

Pacts On Line is configured, supplied, updated and maintained using the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model.

Why Buy From Pacts?

The Pacts product range is Britain’s most popular auction management software. We have licensed nearly 300 systems – more than any other supplier.

We have over 30 years of know-how dedicated to the design and production of software for auctioneers – and we do nothing else. We understand the auction business back to front. Product development is on-going. See ‘News’ for the latest details.

Our technical support and training regimes are second to none. We provide only ‘Platinum’ support standards. When you call you will get straight through to a specialist who will provide immediate and friendly assistance without resorting to computer jargon.

We have an impressive customer base which includes some of the largest regional salerooms – and scores of the smallest. It’s your guarantee of what your peers think of our products and services. Currently around one in four of all provincial auction houses use our products and approximately 40% of SOFAA members are Pacts users. Pacts’ software processes around £150 million of auction sales each year and in 2014 Woolley & Wallis, Salisbury had, at £21 Million, the highest sales turnover of any provincial auctioneer. We are pleased to say they have been users of our products and services for over 30 years.

All our clients receive software updates at no additional cost – at least once per annum. Whenever a change is requested to the bespoke parts of the system the client is automatically supplied with the latest version of the standard system components so our clients always have up to date versions of the product range.

Our products are affordable, flexible, simple to use and reliable. We provide comprehensive, copiously illustrated and well written manuals.

We are independent of any other group and as such can therefore act as honest brokers for all aspects of the auction business.

Please contact us for a no obligation demonstration.